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The Porto Interactive Center (PIC) was established in 2010 to carry on research on multimedia technology and become the host of interdiciplinary projects in Portugal that can benefit from our facilities and equipment.  PIC is sponsored by Instituto de Telecomunicações and Universidade de Porto, Faculdade de Ciência, located at Departamento de Ciência de Computadores and a protocol with IPP | ESTSP.
Our facilities has up to 250 m2, 3 lab spaces and 2 offices.

Our labs are partially funded by: Instituto de Telecomunicações | Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia | Instituto Politécnico do Porto  | Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto | Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Our equipment includes:

Facial and Body Motion Capture (Optitrack) // Markerless Motion Capture (Organic Motion) and Motion Monitor  SW (innsport), Head Tracker (Organic Motion) // 3D TV (Samsung) // 42″ TV (Sony) // Head Mounted Display (Nvis nVisor SX111) // 4 XBox Kinect (Microsoft) // 4 XBox 360 (Microsoft) // 4 3D projectors (DELL) // Digital Table // Play Station 2 (Sony) // Game pads (Wii Remote) // CG Workstation for each student // 4 Active Glasses (Crystal Eyes 5) // 3D Wall (XVR) // 6 DSLR Camera (Canon EOS 1100D) // EEG System – Electroencephalography (Emotiv EPOC) // 2 Ipad 3 – Wifi – Celular – Retina – (Apple) // 1 GoPro Headcam Kit Faceware // 1 Oculus Rift Development Kit 2

We encourage you to use our facilities by booking our laboratories and equipment in order to take part of PIC’s interactive experience. Choose what you want to book by pressing one of the buttons below.

Contact Us

E-mail: info@portointeractivecenter.org
Tel: +351 220 402 966

Porto Interactive Center
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto
Departamento de Ciência de Computadores
Rua de Campo Alegre, 1021-1055
4169-007 Porto, PORTUGAL

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Tel: +351 220 402 966 | Email: info@portointeractivecenter.org