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Turn static 3D models into rigged and animatable faces.



About "Create your avatar"

"Create your avatar" is a project created by Porto Interactive Center with the support of Universidade do Porto and Instituto de TelecomunicaƧƵes.

For the past 8 years we have been researching and developing state of the art techniques to automate the facial animation process of 3D characters. "Create your avatar" is a work in progress that allows you to create a 3D model, add a rig and interact with your ready to animate avatar.

Originally the application was designed for facial models, but expand your creativity and test the limits of our avatar pipeline. Feel free to load any type of object and then, see what happens.

Help us test the potential of "Create your avatar" and keep coming back to see the new features we will be adding. We look forward to your feedback.

The "Create your avatar" team would like to thank all the current and past collaborators from PIC (the list is enormous). Without your dedication, time and support this project would not have been possible.

Current Features

Mesh Optimization (Retopology)
Texture Generation (Skin Shader)
Animation Setup (Rigging)
Avatar Interaction
Interaction Editor Compatible With Mobile Devices

Upcoming Features

Photo Acquisition
Mesh Reconstruction
Downloadable Content
Motion Capture
Virtual Reality
& more...

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The Team Behind "Create Your Avatar"

Catarina Runa

Ivan Silva

Pedro Mendes

Rui d'Orey

Teresa Vieira

Veronica Orvalho

Porto Interactive Center

We appreciate your feedback very much, send us your comments, questions, results, suggestions.
To all of you that have tested "Create your Avatar" we thank you tremendously.
Keep in touch and come back soon !


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